Parking curbs are installed to protect a large variety of structures from accidental vehicular impact. Concrete parking curbs are commonly used in retail businesses, schools, churches and public parking lots to protect signage, utility poles, shopping carts, garbage receptacles and other parked vehicles.

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Standard Curb $41.00 $18.00
Truck Curb $107.00 $21.40
Vinyl Curb $41.00 ---
Baby Curb $8.80 ---
Pins (16" pc 0.5" rebar) $1.30 ---


Splash Block $14.30
L-tread (3' or 4') $58.00
Drywall $3.35
40" Diameter Picnic Table Top $128.00
Picnic Table Base $96.00
Picnic Table Legs (Pair) $63.00
Curved Bench Top $63.00
Straight Bench Top $101.00
Bench Ends $66.00/ea
Table Set (Base & Top w/ 3 Curved Benches) $602.00
Curved Bench Set $126.00
Straight Bench Set $164.00
Concrete Pad (14r4" thick) $7.20
Concrete Pad (14r6" thick) $10.70
Lintels $21.00/ft
Crane Service $300.00
Welding Service $300.00
Miscellaneous Blocks Call for details

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